First and Last Post on Negativity

Stop parsing for a fight, no need to prove that you are right. Don’t push with all your might, focus on your goals and the light. Interpret for delight, keep only the positive in sight.

Negativity is the opposite of all things good.  It kills everything from happiness to friendships.  It hurts your health and enables all things bad.  It can’t quite kill true joy or real love, but I believe that it is designed to make every effort to do that.  It won’t stop.  There’s no level low enough that it won’t stoop to.  It destroys from the inside and looks so natural, so normal.  If you don’t resist it, it wins.  Yet, the harder you fight it, the harder it pushes you.  It preys on the weak… catches you at your weakest moments.

It’s in your head. The doubt, cynicism, judgment…Thought is the most powerful thing in the world.  Beliefs control our words and actions. The power of negativity exists only when we give it control to affect and influence our thoughts and therefore our actions.

  • Stop parsing for a fight
  • No need to prove that you are right.
  • Don’t push with all your might.
  • Focus on your goals and the light.
  • Interpret for delight.
  • Keep only the positive in sight.

Don’t let those negative voices make you misinterpret things or find something to feel insulted about.  If someone didn’t mean it that way, you’ve just misinterpreted it and started a new fight.  If they meant it that way, you’ve just taken the bait and started a new fight.  Every fight has a toll on your health and distracts you from your goals.  It brings unnecessary stress and pain into your life.  The wisest way to win a fight is not to have engaged in one in the first place.

Don’t give those negative voices any power over you.  There’s no need to fight them or talk back. Just hear them and put them aside. No response, no acknowledgment because they aren’t even worth a moment of your time, consideration or energy. Don’t pass it on.  Don’t complain. Don’t waste your time on them. That’s how ridiculous they are.

Let’s keep ourselves in control. Let us not acquiesce to negative suggestions.  Let’s not be baited and tricked by it.  Let’s focus on what we need to do to get where we need to go.  The rest is just noise.

There. Negativity can just be noise in the background. That’s how insignificant we can choose to think about it.

Mic drop.