The Body Wants Something Good!

From time to time, I want to have a kale salad. A pre-packed, easy-to-put-together salad bought from the supermarket across the street. With the yummy poppy seed dressing. Tasty and no work for me.

For the next 24 hours after eating said salad, I seem to crave bad food a little less, there seems to be more of a bounce in my step, the stairs look more appealing than the escalators, ideas for work flow nonstop in the shower, calmer thoughts cross my mind when dealing with roadblocks, I’m less likely to be angry with my children, many things seem funny rather than annoying, the late night pizza commercials just seem bleh rather than overwhelmingly appealing, appreciation fills my heart when I look at my husband…

It’s just salad, but seriously, it’s as if my body goes: Oh wow, I’m feeling satiated and content, let’s do what we should be doing. This is the break in the cycle we need.  Do it again!

This morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to sit in the dark (cross legged, half lotus, back straight) and quiet my mind. After 10 minutes of deep breathing and letting thoughts come in and then leave my mind, I suddenly wanted to do all those warm up exercises that my Kung Fu teaching had us do at the beginning of class.  Then my core told me to do some sit ups and planks for a few minutes… Then the body wanted to be stretched out. After that, the best shower ever.  What a great way to start the morning!

One step at a time, baby, but oh so yay!