Lunch Date!

There’s something incredibly luxurious about having a lunch date with your husband when everyone else is at work and the kids are at school. It’s like old days again when we would debate about and poke at ideas, concepts, thoughts, philosophies, movies*, politicians**, silliness…

Sometimes we lose our identity as regular people when we suddenly find ourselves the parents of other human beings.  As a mother, I ask myself to be better, to do more and to model the ‘right’ behaviour. As a wife to the father of my children, I often ask HIM to do better, to do more and to model PERFECT behaviour. From time to time, the pressure builds up. While we are still being authentically ourselves, it does feel like trying to be my best at all times can be tiring.

Don’t get me wrong, our kids see us warts and all, as we are far from perfect. But in front of them, I think we try harder.

The cool thing about being with your life partner is that you’re kind of stuck with each other.  Charlton Heston famously said: A TV host asked my wife, “Have you ever considered divorce?” She replied: “Divorce, never. Murder, often.” Bill and I giggle nervously and quote this to each other every so often. He’s seen babies come out of me and I’ve had to give him sponge baths when he was sick in the hospital with a still yet undiagnosed lung infection that put him in isolation.

Today we explored his craft, new business ideas and how to manage teams.  We came up with our three mantras:

  • Always be more valuable than the tasks you complete.
  • Make it as easy as possible for others to do what you need.
  • Dial back the negativity.

So… welcome 2016!  We are ready for you!

* We decided that it made the most sense for him to take the older one to see Star Wars while I hung out with the younger one, who doesn’t want to see it.

** Donald Trump has singlehandedly increased the amount of snorting we do when we talk about American politics.