Back from Hiatus

Never again!  Never again am I ‘taking a break’ from Kung Fu classes. What was supposed to be a decision that should have alleviated scheduling commitments to lessen stress this past summer has turned out to be a slippery slope back to bad habits!

This summer, we decided that we would take a break from our weekly Kung Fu classes, you know, to leave weekends open to go do other things (some quite legitimate things).  However, as a total beginner Kung Fu practitioner, I really need my weekly class to keep me motivated and on track.  Without it, I did not have enough self-motivation to do my meditation, stretches and forms… Luckily we started up again this September and my body remembered enough to get me back on track.

I’ve already told my instructor that I want to be that 80-year old woman who can do Kung Fu and the splits.  (The good news is that I’m almost able to do the splits!)