A Very Ninja Halloween

Kung Fu Ninja

This year, my younger son and I both decided to dress up as ninjas for Halloween.  I think we got inspired by our Kung Fu class and thought, hey, a ninja does Kung Fu, right?  However, according to Wikipedia: “A ninja (忍者) or shinobi (忍び) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of the ninja included espionage,sabotage, infiltration, assassination and combat in certain situations. Their covert methods of waging war contrasted the ninja with the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.” So… whoops!  I think next time we will think more along the lines of the samuri!

I had very conflicting thoughts about Halloween, going into it.  I’ve never liked the idea of going from house to house to ask for candy, I am not a huge fan of being masked… and I really, really don’t like the way my kids act for 3 months after having collected all this sugar and then ingesting it all… Sugar, after all, is the new tobacco (or is sitting the new smoking, or… is bacon the new asbestos? I can no longer keep up with all the new research and what new thing we aren’t supposed to be doing if we want to live to be 100).

About a week ago, I told the boys that I was thinking about boycotting Halloween because their disputes escalated into loud whining unsolvable events more often after they’ve had candy.  I gave them some options: 1) business as usual, one piece of candy after lunch and after dinner, 2) eat as much as you want for a week and then nothing afterwards and we donate the rest to the poor, or 3) just skip Halloween.  Let’s just say the boys were not interested in change.

So, off we went on Halloween to bring home two bags full of chips and sugar. Daddy probably unwrapped about 10 pieces of candy that night.  And I decided to let them have as much as they wanted, but… the boys resisted!  They pushed back and said, No, no, we don’t want to have as much candy as we want, that’s not good!  Sugar is not good! No, let’s just keep it to what we’ve always done.

With a puzzled look on my face, I replied: “So, just eat as much as you want, and if that’s business as usual, then that’s it.  I’m good with it! After that, you can have one after lunch and one after dinner.  Then we give the rest away.”  We went back and forth a bit more until I finally emphasized “It’s all good.  Just stop when you want to stop. If you want to stop after one, then just stop.  I’m LETTING YOU pick when you want to stop.  Stop arguing with me!” My older, rules-based, son felt weird about eating one more, one last one, no this one is the last Mommy, really it is, but I think we both were okay with how much he had.

By the way, Mommy, said the little one, why are we giving the candy to the poor? Isn’t sugar poison?  Why are we giving them poison? That’s probably not good for them.  Good point, my little one, good point.  Back to the drawing board.