Day 1 of 66

Being a practical, no-nonsense kind of gal, I always thought that you just said so and it would be made so.  You know, Captain Picard style.  “Make it so!” (I can even HEAR that fantastically deep sexy voice reverberating in my head.)  But failure after failure in making real change in a few specific areas have made me realize that I just can’t Captain Picard my way through the tough habits.

So today, I start Day 1 of 66 to truly change a terrible habit I developed after years and years of stress, couch-potatoing and pure feeling sorry for myself about all my work stress.  That’s it.  No more.  Done.

The problem is, I’ve started this journey many a times and the accountability only to myself thing just doesn’t work for me. If it was a matter of taking care of the kids, oh, that would happen.  If it was a matter of making sure that things at work ran smoothly, I would surely do it.  But if it were just about me, my health, my well-being and nothing else, somehow my willpower just wasn’t enough.

It’s pretty hard on the ego to think that a little bowl of cold fried rice (with mushrooms, which I don’t like) can overcome my intelligent, rational brain. So this is certainly something I’d like to figure out. AND the bigger problem is what I’m modelling for my children.  I’m the one who sets the standard for them: We do what is right, not what we want to do.  Why can’t I do this? For me?  And now… for them?

So, while I probably have to get some psychoanalytical help at some point in time to challenge the deep dark roots of my beliefs in myself and find the ah ha moment of why I keep undermining myself in this one area, for now, I’m launching my 66 days to change my one terrible, probably going to slowly kill me one day, but oh so comforting habit of raiding the fridge for yummy leftovers after dinner (you know like… mmm, cold pizza one night… oh, chicken pot pie – too good… and whoops, the boys’ lunch… and of course the ole I guess stale luncheon meat will do…), while watching TV.

There, I said it.  It’s out there.  It’s public.  There’s no turning back now.  And because replacing a habit is easier than just stopping cold turkey, my replacement habit is going to be drinking a nice hot mug of ginger tea or camomile tea or lemon water or… if I’m going to let myself be a little bad that night, I’ll put a teaspoonful of honey in it.

To make me honest, I’ve just invited a friend to join me and I’m publishing this post in 3… 2… 1… AAAARGH!  Wish me luck!!!!!!

(Note: it takes more than 21 days!